1.  Shredders / MBM Destroy IT 2503 Office Cross-Cut Shredder

Hardware Comcolor 9150


Riso Comcolor XI Series


ComColor X1 Accessories

Hardware MZ 1090

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My Quote for today is,  Speak with your body, think with your heart and love with your soul.. — feeling hopeful.

Dear Friends and family,    

 After talking to many people about their financial needs and pursuing dreams, and getting caught up in materialism. I see pattern we all have one thing in common: they're about techniques and strategies we use in which to meet our needs.

Some are successes. Others are failures. It's just not always obvious which is which. So if your you need a second opinion please ask! While their is still time!  

I would like to offer my skills out to Everyone, free Dream Map!

Lot's of love. Sharon

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